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    Pyxis Wealth pursuit to be your most reliable navigational partner in nowadays complex and fast evolving world of financial investments.
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We work as your one point of contact with various investment platforms to achieve your financial goals. Stable, Streamlined and Hassle-free.
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Your Vision, Our Goal:
Build Your Financial Strategy for Tomorrow

We are here to help you build a financial strategy that navigates the rapidly evolving backdrop of today’s world.  With your interests at the centre of what we do, our services aim to provide sound investment strategies in line with your long-term vision.

Why Pyxis Wealth

Advisors Committed
to Your Goals

It’s all about mileage.

With decades of experience in asset management, private banking, wealth planning and capital markets, our diverse group of trusted advisors are committed to charting your path ahead.  We provide sound, holistic investment solutions to help better manage your wealth with the delivery of superior long-term performances.

Janice Chan

Group Management
Co-Founder & CEO
What We Do

Our Offerings

Offering multiple investment strategies and solutions across asset classes for superior long term returns with diversified sources of alpha

Provide various consultations / advisory services that could facilitate wealth preservation and succession upon clients’ requests

Offering an unique one-stop wealth structuring experience for the purpose of family wealth protection and transmission

Karen Lam

Group Management
Managing Partner
Why Joining Pyxis

In recent years, we have seen substantial growth in the number of wealth creators in Greater China, along with rise of the overall life expectnacy. Being the leading financial hub connecting Greater China and Global Investors, Hong Kong remains as the strategic location for wealth management and sucession planning.

Pyxis is the one-stop shop that enables wealth management professionals to provide clients with thorough and value-added solutions across multiple platforms. With best-in-class service and aligned interest, we strive to be the trusted natvigational partner of our clients.


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