PWA Trust

  • PWA Trust offers an unique one-stop wealth structuring experience for the purpose of family wealth protection and transmission.
  • Our experienced wealth engineering and trust advisory team takes on a global view of assets to address personal concerns, aspirations, vision and values.
  • Life is ever-changing, PWA Trust sails with our clients through all major life events, for example, changes in family situation, retirement and incapacity, next generations’ education, succession, etc. and becomes our clients’ forward-looking partner.
  • With our comprehensive 360-mapping advisory services, PWA Trust covers you personally and professionally from overall financial, legal, tax and civil implications inherent to the management of your assets.

Senior Advisor - PWA Trust

Jessie has diverse background in accounting, taxation, finance, law & psycho-counseling. Jessie last served as MD of Family Advisory at a Swiss family-owned financial institution, assisting families in structuring private trusts, foundations, private investment funds, insurance, M&A, IPO & PE investments.

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